UPDATE: Kansas City police say Sapphire Stinson and her 2-month-old baby have been found and are safe.


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City police say a 15-year-old and her 2-month-old baby are still considered missing, now more than 24 hours after they disappeared.

According to police, the last time anyone saw Sapphire Stinson’s was Wednesday afternoon before she got in an Uber. Now there are questions if the car she got into was even a rideshare.

Some neighbors are also concerned that such a young person is on her own with a newborn.

Her last known spot was near 71 Highway and E. 75th Street, where she was staying short-term following a family dispute, people with direct knowledge of the situation said.

Stinson said she was taking an Uber and was expected at Crittenton Children’s Center on Wednesday afternoon. She never arrived, according to a release.

The details of her departure now appear sketchy, according to people with direct knowledge. Stinson told those around her that she gave the Uber driver the wrong address and had to meet it around the corner. It’s unclear if a rideshare picked her up.

Neighbors and others in the area said they didn’t want to get involved, but one woman shared her fears after learning about the situation from FOX4.

“But for someone like that, you just kind of have to keep your eyes and ears open and any way that we can,” she said, looking in the direction of where Stinson was last seen.

“But everything is a little harder when you have smaller ones to take care of and to look out for. And the world is such a place that we never know what’s going on. But we can just pray and hope that she’ll be OK and the baby will be OK,” the woman said.

People close to the situation also said Stinson has run away in the past. The last time was in January 2022 from Stonegate Apartments before she had her baby.

Kansas City police have not yet answered FOX4’s question on how that situation was resolved.

KCPD is still looking for any clues about where Stinson and her baby are now. They ask you call their missing persons unit at 816-234-5043 if you have information on their location.