KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A 2-year-old Kansas City boy who was fighting for his life after a scary accident is making an impressive recovery.

FOX4 first told you about Wesley Garrett earlier this week. A day of fun for the little boy ended with an air ambulance flight to Children’s Mercy Hospital on Saturday.

His parents said Wesley was playing with his siblings and friends, like he always did. He hit his head, popped back up and returned to playing.

But 20 minutes after hitting his head, the toddler became unresponsive.

“I immediately knew something was wrong because he could not fixate on me, or his mom, or his brother,” Wesley’s dad Brandon Garrett previously told FOX4.

Wesley had a seizure as air medics rushed him to Children’s Mercy, where doctors immediately put the boy into a medically induced coma. Then doctors discovered an enlarged left ventricle in his brain. 

“He’s a fighter, and any of the nurses would tell you that, that he is very strong, strong willed,” Wesley’s dad said Tuesday.

The little boy is definitely proving his dad right.

On Thursday, the Garretts told FOX4 that Wesley is now out of his medically induced coma.

“He decided at midnight he was done being on the ventilator and coughed it up, so they had to bring him out of a coma,” Brandon Garrett said. “He is 100% free breathing and working on getting off the sedation drugs.”

They even shared a sweet video, seen below, of an alert and awake Wesley practicing his fishing moves — his favorite thing to do.

Wesley’s mom and dad previously said they’ve been leaning on their faith, family and friends through all this.

We have an amazing support system behind us and our family and our friends. They’ve been there through us with us through this all we just want prayers to for speedy recovery,” Brandon Garrett said earlier this week.

Both of Wesley’s parents emphasized how grateful they are for the staff at Children’s Mercy Hospital, saying they’re going above and beyond for their son.