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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Volunteers with KC Mothers in Charge go to every homicide scene in Kansas City. Now they’re also stepping up to help people who have been injured and traumatized by shootings.

Organizers formed a new support group called “Survivors Will Heal.” It meets every third Tuesday of the month at the KC Mothers in Charge office at 3200 Wayne Ave. The group will focus on how to survive, heal and move forward from the trauma.

“The violence in our city is everyone’s responsibility to address,” Rosilyn Temple, Director of KC Mothers in Charge, said. “As we continue to uplift and support families that need help after a homicide has occurred, we plan to be just as impactful to those who have been wounded by gunfire and are working through their trauma. In fact, we hope that supporting survivors in this way will help play a part in decreasing Kansas City’s homicide rate.”

The new support group isn’t the only one offered. KC Mothers in Charge also holds a “Hope and Healing for Survivors of Homicide” group. It supports those who have lost loved ones in homicides. That group needs on the Third Thursday of each month.

Mothers in Charge also offers free one-on-one counseling and other services.