Kansas City among the worst cities with pothole problems

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A website ranks Kansas City among the worst cities in the nation for problems caused by potholes.

Damage to cars and trucks caused by potholes can be very expensive.

The website, pothole.info, ranks Kansas City the fourth worst city in the nation when it comes to pothole problems. And St. Louis is not far behind at number eight.

The Missouri Department of Transportation says our bitter cold winter and extreme temperature swings are to blame for an increase in potholes on the pavement so far this year.

Independent insurance agents estimate repairing damage to vehicles caused by potholes costs nearly $5 billion a year.

Repair shops like KC Complete Auto Service say they have noticed an increase in steering and suspension work so far this spring.

Car owner David Cross believes the exhaust repair work he's having done is the result of driving over a jarring pothole.

"I'm probably definitely a little more on watch than maybe some normal people," Cross said. "My suspension is lowered. It's stiffened up a lot. If I do hit something I feel it a lot more than maybe a normal car would. The impact is a lot worse. The damage would be worse too. I'm definitely trying to pay attention."

Some shops say tire repairs, wheel repairs and a wheel alignment can cost a driver $500 or more. That's why a survey by the American Automobile Association found more than seven out of 10 drivers believes potholes and crumbling roads need to be improved.

From October through the end of January, Kansas City public works crews say they patched 4,200 potholes. And it looks like they'll have a lot more to do for the rest of this spring.



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