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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — This Christmas two daughters are praying for answers. Both women’s mothers are missing. One from Kansas and one from Missouri. FOX4’s Sherae Honeycutt has followed both of their cases and spoke with the women ahead of the holiday.

For both Ellie Green and Kelsey Smith, they wish their mothers could be with them this holiday season. However, for the past few years they’ve feared they will never see their mothers again. In their families Christmas was always a special time of year.

“She made a big deal. It’s not something she had in China but she loved it here,” Green said.

“I just miss all of it. All the little pieces, she would record us on Christmas,” Smith said.

Both women’s mothers are missing. Ellie Green’s mother, Angela Green, was last seen around June of 2019 in Prairie Village, Kansas. Kelsey Smith’s mom, Echo Lloyd, was last seen around Mother’s Day in Edwards, Missouri.

“She’s with me all the time. So that for me, it helps a little bit to know that I know that she’s she’s always around even though she’s not physically here,” Smith said.

Lloyd’s case was first investigated by the Benton County Sheriff, but now the Missouri Highway Patrol is taking charge. She’s done ground searches and held a vigil, but says what they need this Christmas is someone to come forward.

“That’s my biggest prayer. My biggest hope is somebody he would have, I can’t even describe what they would not be giving back everything, but how much they’d be giving back to my family,” Smith said.

Angela Green was reported missing nine months after she was last seen. Ellie believes her father, Geoff Green, knows where her mother is. Green has not been charged in her case. However, three warrants have been served on his properties. Both women are still considered missing persons.

“A lot of peace. A lot of peace no matter when that comes. It would be especially meaningful if it were at Christmas,” Green said.

While both women know their mothers won’t be with them this Christmas, they will be there in their hearts.

“We’re not going to stop until she’s home. We’re going to keep pushing,” Smith said.

“I love her very, very much and I hope she’s proud of me,” Green said.

Green recently graduated from the University of Colorado with her Bachelor’s Degree in finance. She says on her graduation day the seat next to her happened to be empty and felt like her mom’s spirit was there with her. Ellie made the decision after graduation to cut ties with her father and is perusing a fresh start in Denver.

The Missouri Highway Patrol and the Prairie Village Police Department both say the women’s cases are open and they are actively looking for leads.

There is a $9,000 reward for anyone with a tip that can lead to Lloyd’s whereabouts. You’re asked to call the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Smith is raising money to help in search efforts for her mother.

If you have information, no matter how small, about what may have happened to Angela Green, please contact the Prairie Village Police Department immediately at 913-642-6868.

Green said she is working to raise money to hire a lawyer. Green and her cousin, Michelle Guo, hope to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Geoff Green. If you would like more information on Ellie’s legal defense fund you can find more here.