OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Soaring temperatures as thousands across the Kansas City area get out and about to celebrate America’s birthday. The heat isn’t stopping anybody, the heat advisory in effect until Wednesday, but the celebration must go on.

The right place to be, is as close as possible to the water.

“Well, when I get in the water it cools me down but during the other times I’m just melting,” said one boy playing at a Fourth of July event.

People young and old finding out just how useful a water hose and a slip and slide can be, especially when the temperatures aren’t on your side.

“It’s so hot outside so it’s cold on me” said another kid playing water.

Even as sweat beats down foreheads and backs, finding a way to stay cool on a day like today is for some a guarantee.

“I thought it was best to bring an umbrella sit under the tent and bring water,” said one woman.
“Drink your water please if you’re hot go inside please stay in the shade put that fan on you just have good time.”

From one side of the state line to the other, the heat was just as relentless.

For people traveling back to 1855 in Missouri, it helps them have a deeper appreciation for what it was like back then.

“It’s fun to visit the little houses and feel the breeze move through them and think this is what people did before air conditioning,” said one mom.

So, whether under a tent, next to a shaved ice truck or comfortably in your home, make sure to celebrate safely and if you can stay in the shade.

“I was drinking water and I was trying to stay in the shade a lot and that sort of helped me stay cool the wind was also very nice.”