OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — The arctic blast can be felt inside, too.

Many plumbers and HVAC crews have been busy taking emergency calls.

“It needs fixing, and it needs it fast, so we have to be ready to go,” Dan Geller, General Manager at Bob Hamilton, said.

No matter the temperature or hour, employees at Bob Hamilton are ready to respond.

“I was up at 2 this morning and all of a sudden my phone just started blowing up,” Geller said. “So, what I did when people started calling at 2 and 3 in the morning, I started calling them back.”

Since midnight, Geller said 624 people have called in for a plumbing or HVAC problem.

“An average number for us depending on the time of year is anywhere between 200 to 250,” Geller said.

The company has 12 techs dedicated to furnaces and six plumbers out fixing broken pipes and they aren’t the only ones responding to calls, too.

“You know we’ve got the regular calls that we’re getting hit with plus now we’re starting to early in the season get frozen waterlines,” Master Plumber Kenton Turpin, with Mission Heating said.

Turpin said Mission Heating is also seeing an influx of calls during the arctic blast.

“This morning I was on a call where there wasn’t anything that I could do because the air was coming in under the foundation and as soon as I thawed it out it was frozen right back up,” Turpin said.