KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Fans aren’t the only people yearning for Super Bowl Sunday.

Restaurants in the Kansas City metro are getting ready for a weekend of big orders leading up to Sunday’s big game, as the Kansas City Chiefs meet the Philadelphia Eagles.

Popular spots like Joe’s Kansas City BBQ in KCK know takeout orders will be in high demand leading up to gamely. Ryan Barrows, a vice-president with Joe’s, said his staff has ordered enough food to satisfy big orders.

Joe’s isn’t always open on Sundays, but Super Bowl weekend will likely deliver a 15% uptick compared to a normal busy day.

“We’ve done it before. The holidays and the preparation that we do during all the major holidays — the Thanksgiving holiday that we do and the Christmas holiday. We’ve had a lot of practice,” Barrows said Friday.

At metro pizza shops, like the Minsky’s location on 51st Street, staffers will take orders all day on Sunday, but they’re advising customers to order ahead. 

“Get in early,” Paul Langley, Minsky’s manager, said.  “The earlier, the better. That way we can get these times prepared. That way we don’t get behind that way. We can get everything scheduled and get it out.”

The popular chicken wings at The Peanut on State Line Road are already being craved. The store’s general manager, Khalil Booshehri, said one customer ordered 15 dozen wings for a Super Bowl party. That location for The Peanut started getting orders on Monday.

“Hopefully, the Chiefs win, and they’re all happy and gung-ho, but service standards have to be there. We have to make sure people are having a good time,” Booshehri told FOX4.

Each restaurant manager we spoke with also talked about preparing their staff for a busy time. Many of these businesses are going with an “all hands on deck” policy and — just like the Chiefs — preparing to play their best game on Sunday.