KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Class was in session at Union Station Friday.

Frontier Schools held its fourth annual KC STEM Fest for kids across the metro to introduce them to STEM.

The event was all about show and tell.

Some students presented their projects, while others watched.

Students from K-12 were a part of the learning event.

“STEM is a great opportunity to open your horizons to a great education and see what you like when it comes to electricity, science, history,” student La’Nya Scott said.

“They really are enthusiastic about exhibiting them to people as they come through,” President of Frontier Schools, Dennis Davis, said. “The kids and other people that come through, maybe if their kids get interested in a STEM school they’ll come to frontier.”

Fronter Schools had to cancel the annual event in 2020 because of the pandemic, but the school is happy to bring it back again.