KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City barber is trying to change lives in his community by showing young people the art of his profession.

He wants to let other young people know they too can have a successful career and business, and as many students struggle while in school, he’s stepping up to offer financial help, using TikTok to inspire them and get the community involved.

With every fade and fresh line up, Master Barber Greg G-Class Taylor is cutting new opportunities to give back.

“Barbering, it changed my whole world,” he said. “It was like this feeling of being indebted to the whole barbering game. I went through a rough past like a lot of people and my redemption was through these clippers and comb and it’s been a blessing to me.”

He’s now partnering with another local business, creating the G-Class Barber Challenge to encourage young aspiring barber students to follow the barber profession.

“The end goal is to make as big of an impact as possible in the community,” said Rebecca Oakman with Wyldkard Lyfestyle.

“It’s so much violence out here, so having the love of barbering and learning the skill of barbering can literally take someone out of that lifestyle put them in a different lifestyle and actually in a position to feed their family and help others through barbering,” Greg G-Class Taylor said.

Students from five area metro barber colleges can participate in the challenge. They must create a TikTok video that explain what it means to them to be a barber. The winner will receive a scholarship to help tuition, supplies and marketing materials to help support their new business.

“They feel inspired, they feel like they matter, they feel like hey, somebody cares,” Markwan Gordan said, with Wyldkard Lyfestyle.

“It also teaches them when they get out of school how to use technology to brand themselves,” Oakman said.

The challenge is not only for students, G-Class said he’s calling out others to answer this challenge.

“I’m going around the community getting donations, barbers, businesses, anyone interested in the progression of these young brothers and sisters,” he said.

Even if you don’t donate, just to leave video leaving the hashtag to leave an inspiring message to the students, that’s impact for us,” Oakman said. These students can look back and watch these videos when they’re having those rough days and feel inspired and know not to give up.”

Students have until the end of the month to complete the video challenge. The goal is to raise $10,000 in scholarship funds.

If you would like to donate or check out the videos, Google #gclassbarberchallenge.