KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The rollout of 162,000 recycling carts with lids begins Monday for people living in Kansas City.

The goal is to reduce litter across the city, waste in the landfill, and encourage more people to recycle.

The Morrison’s were the first family in Kansas City to receive their new recycling cart. Christine Morrison says their family recycles a lot and appreciates what leaders are doing to make the city cleaner.

“If you’re a large-scale recycler, or you have a lot of recycling at one time, you would need to get multiple bins in order to have it out on the street,” Morrison said. “But now we have this really large recycler as well as it has wheels so you can put as much recycling as you can in there, roll it on out to the curb and you’re ready to go.”

The new 65-gallon containers are twice the size of the old recycling bins. Leaders say they’ll help Kansas Citians recycle more effectively.

“What we know that we weren’t doing well was collecting the recycling in a safe way,” Heather Hall, 1st District Councilwoman, said. “It was blowing out and if you know anything about recycling, once it’s wet, it’s no longer recycling, now it’s trash.”

The carts will be delivered to KCMO residents on their trash day over the next four months. Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas says the roll out is just one way leaders are working to improve the city.

“I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, first of all to the residents who for years, if not decades, if not generations, have been saying how can we make sure that we have a waste management policy that works for our neighborhoods, that makes sure that we don’t have trash blowing throughout our city streets, and more than anything how can we keep Kansas City clean,” Lucas said.

The carts will come with information packets on what you can and can’t recycle and an FAQ.

After every household gets a new recycling container, Mayor Lucas says leaders will start working on getting new trash containers.