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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Businesses across the Kansas City metro are getting ready for Wednesday’s Chiefs Super Bowl parade.

Many told FOX4 they’ve been planning for this for a while and are prepared since the city isn’t brand new to the idea of a championship parade in Kansas City.  

The expectation is that there will be even more fans Wednesday for the Chiefs rally than Kansas City saw in 2015 for the Royals’ World Series celebration, according to the president and CEO of Union Station. 

Of course, Union Station is where the celebration will culminate, but before the champs make it there, they’ll start the parade down in the River Market.  

“You can see right now everyone is having a great time. Yesterday was amazing. It was crazy,” said Letty Stegall, co-owner and general manager of The Blue Line.

Now they’re ready to turn things into high gear with hundreds of thousands of people who will be descending on the city in less than 48 hours. 

“I have everybody working on Wednesday. We know it’s going to be super packed. We also open at 8 in the morning, so that’s great we’re going to be busy,” Stegall said.

The KC Daiquiri Shop sits right on the parade route, and staff are expecting they will make five times more in just that one day than they would make in a normal week.

“Whenever the Chiefs do well, the revenue increases. People tend to want to party, and it just brings a whole different vibe to the city,” said Calvin Vick, owner of The KC Daiquiri Shop.

And as businesses gear up, so do the organizers throwing Wednesday’s big celebration. Stage construction is already under way at Union Station, and crews are hanging championship banners throughout the city.

“This is the greatest time of all times in Kansas City. We’re making history. We got the greatest team. We will have the greatest parade ever,” said George Guastello, Union Station president.

Just on Saturday alone, Union Station saw nearly 10,000 visitors before Sunday’s game. Now they’ve made the switch inside to Championship displays for fans who want another photo opportunity. They will be open until 7 p.m. Tuesday for the public before they close for the parade.

Crews have also installed “COWS,” which are temporary signal towers. The hope is that by installing these, it will alleviate some of the cellphone service problems we’ve seen at parades in the past.