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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A Kansas City man has been charged with sexually abusing three young children, after he failed a lie detector test while appearing on a national daytime talk show.

22-year-old Dameion McBride
22-year-old Dameion McBride

Prosecutors say Dameion McBride, 22, has been charged with two counts of child molestation and one count of statutory sodomy.  According to court documents from the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, McBride is accused of molesting a woman’s three children; a three-year-old boy, four-year-old girl and eight-year-old girl. The incidents reportedly took place between January 1 and February 22 of this year. The mother of the children first notified police of the allegations on February 23, 2015 after taking at least one of the children to the hospital.

The charges came after McBride was confronted by the children’s mother on the Steve Wilkos Show, after she says her children told her he had touched them inappropriately. On the show he took and failed a lie detector test, where he was asked if the allegations against him were true. The children’s mother notified police of the television appearance and failed test on June 30.

Documents state that the three children told their mother that McBride had touched their private parts on various occasions. The three-year-old boy complained about his genitals hurting and said he had been touched there, while the younger girl said McBride had touched her in her private area after asking her do the splits and also forced her to do “nasty things.”

The eight-year-old girl did not admit to being touched, until after McBride failed the lie detector test while on the show. When her mother told her she knew something had happened, the girl said she did not want to elaborate about what had happened, but gave a date for when she says he did do something to her.

Initially McBride denied the allegations against him, saying he had, had something similar happen to him as a child and would never do such a thing to someone else. He also admitted he had been accused of molesting other children in the past, but didn’t because he knew it was wrong.  McBride stated he had gone on the Steve Wilkos Show to take a lie detector test in order to clear his name, but instead failed the test.

Upon further investigation, McBride was asked to submit to a CVSA examination and give an interview. During the examination, McBride was asked if he had touched each of the three victims in a sexual manner. After McBride stated “no” to all three questions, the detective administering the test advised that McBride had shown deception on all three questions, indicating he had touched the three children in a sexual way.

Later on during the interview, McBride described two incidents, which he said occurred about two months ago, where he had touched the two female victims’ genitals, both over and under their clothing for between one and three minutes, while he babysat them at their home. In one of the instances he stated he was lying on his side on a pallet on the floor and called the four-year-old girl over and had her lay next to him. He said he began touching her over her clothing, but finally stopped before going any further, when he realized how “sick” it was.

McBride then described an incident involving the eight-year-old girl where he went in to her bedroom and proceeded to touch her underneath her clothing while she laid in bed.

Upon questioning McBride about touching the three-year-old boy, detectives said McBride became visibly upset and kept saying “I’m not gay.”

McBride also stated that he occasionally has sexual thoughts involving children, but stops himself because “it’s not right.” McBride told detectives that he knows what he did was wrong and admitted he needs help.