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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A day of remembrance. A candle-light vigil was held at the Justice and Dignity Center, to remember the 174 homicide victims in Kansas City this year.

The group lit candles and prayed for grieving families.

Elected officials, and Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith were among the speakers.

The vigil also featured some families that lost loved ones

“When will it end (are) you not tired of your loved ones being gone, funerals after funerals.” Ayanna Banks, Kansas City Resident, said.

As the curtains close on 2020. Members at the vigil discussed ways Kansas City could see a brighter 2021. 

“People don’t just wake up and decide to kill people. They don’t do that. They don’t do that! You know, there are other factors in their life, that’s what we have to address,“ Sheoni Givens, Justice and Dignity center, administrator.

Smith said the key to reducing crime is collaboration. 

“With unity, cooperation, and community involvement, like I said, all strong neighborhoods should have less crime because we work with one another,” Smith said.

Among the speakers was Ayanna Banks who shared stories of unimaginable loss.

”I am 19 years old half of these people on this list were my classmates. This senseless violence has to stop,” Banks, said.

174 lives. 

Each one precious.

Each one gone too soon.