KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Federal investigators determined a Kansas City company failed to protect workers, which led to the electrocution of an employee last year.

The employee died while repairing HVAC equipment at University Academy in Kansas City on Aug. 24, 2022, while working for U.S. Engineering Services.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigation determined the worker was cleaning a chiller unit in the academy’s mechanical room when the deadly accident happened. Investigators determined the chiller’s fan motor was turned off, but the control switch was not locked to make sure all electrical power was drained at the time of the repair.

OSHA said it violated a safety requirement, and U.S. Engineering Services did not take steps to prevent equipment from accidentally starting during the repair.

The agency also determined the Kansas City-based company did not conduct training to identify equipment and other needs employees needed in the field.

The federal agency says U.S. Engineering Services has 15 days to either comply or contest the findings of the investigation.