Kansas City contractor’s box truck, stolen on Christmas, recovered with tools inside

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City man, who had his work truck full of tools stolen for the second time this year, has his truck back.

And unlike the first theft in March, the theft on Christmas night won't require him to spend thousands to replace them.

"That was the best feeling of my year," Eleazar Aguilar said of the moment he was able to open his truck to find the tools still inside.

Thieves spent days clearing out his home while they were out of town in March, using his box truck full of tools to do it. Then Aguilar chased down his stolen box truck while the thieves shot at him.

This recovery didn't have quite the same drama, but it unfolded on Facebook Live.

After FOX4's story aired Thursday night, a network of Stolen KC followers were on the lookout for the box truck.

Someone spotted the truck in the 100 block of N. Mersington Avenue on Thursday night, parked in an alley alongside apartments. When Aguilar went to get his truck back, he found the person who allegedly stole it, too.

"The guy got a little nervous because he ran to the truck and turned it on. When he did that, I turned my truck back to block him, and he can't get out, so I started calling the police," Aguilar said.

While he waited for police, the vehicle Aguilar was driving ran out of gas. So he started a recording on Facebook Live, asking others to call police and saying he wasn't going to leave.

"Esta aqui, someone call the police. I got them," he can be heard saying on the video.

"I said, 'You know what? I'm not planning to suffer another year to get my tools back this time. I'll take whatever happens. I'll take it," Aguilar explained.

Kansas City police captured the suspect and arrested him on suspicion of tampering with a motor vehicle.

Aguilar then recorded the moment he opened up his truck with the anticipation of a kid on Christmas.

"I opened it, and when I saw everything, I cried of happiness," Aguilar said.

Now with the tools he already spent thousands to replace once this year, he was back on the job Friday -- with a new appreciation for the kindness of strangers.

"There's a lot more good people than bad people," he said. "That's why the world is not that bad."

And he's got a new 2020 vision, too.

"This coming year is going to be awesome," he said as he set his ladder.



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