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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City’s plan to set up a homeless village is running into more problems.

On Thursday, the council decided to hold off an ordinance that would help find a location for the tiny homes and postponed the vote for two weeks.

The ordinance has faced fierce opposition from people in the Columbus Park community and also from some council members.

“I think we need to address the issue of homelessness and as I think or most of the people who were in here today, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to do it in a thoughtful and careful way,” said Councilwoman Katheryn Shields. “I think a lot of places and people in the city have been concerned, and rightly so.”

The cost of the homeless camp is estimated at $1.7 million and will consist of 64-square-feet, air-conditioned homes for 200 people in the houseless community.

But where the site will be is generating the most controversy.

“We’re in the hotel phase now. We will move out of that fairly quickly, into another solution, that will largely be the pallet homes we are holding. There is a strategy to get out of this plan and into the next phase as quickly as possible,” Councilman Dan Fowler said.

There’s currently 450 homeless people housed in Kansas City hotels.

According to Fowler, the program is below the $5 million budget, and there’s a possibility to carry the program longer than the 90-day agreement, if necessary.

The council will revisit the topics and potentially vote July 1.