KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City leaders passed a vote Thursday at the city council meeting to start the process of paying reparations for slavery and segregation.

The next step is for Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas to appoint a group of 13 people to form a commission within the next 90 days.

Even though majority of the city council voted yes, Councilwoman Heather Hall was against the proposal.

Earlier this week the councilwoman told FOX4 the city can’t afford this. Hall went on to say other cities have tried paying reparations and failed.

At the first discussion earlier this month, members of the KC Coalition for Reparations expressed support, but the measure has had plenty of online detractors.

Some say history can’t be changed or fixed; others pointed out no one alive today was involved in slavery. Finally, others were dubious how a system of reparations would work.

In its state of Black Kansas City 2020, the Urban League said reparations could take the form of cash payments, land, tax relief, scholarships, and community development funds.

Councilwoman Melissa Robinson said the Mayor’s Commission on Reparations would do a lot of research on ways to support potential federal programs.

Robinson has been at the forefront of the reparations rule along with the mayor’s office.