Kansas City couple says moving company left damages, dodged responsibility


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City couple says their moving company didn’t come through for them. Not only that, but they’ve been waiting to hear back for months.

The company says they never did the job, but FOX4 can prove it.

The couple showed us not only their receipts, but texts, and recorded phone calls showing Anytime Moving not only did the job, but they say they didn’t do it well.

Moving day is usually stressful, which is the exact reason Dave Pond and his wife Sarah Majors decided to hire a mover.

“You just don’t expect that kind of damage,” Majors said.

The problem was that when the day of the job came it became clear things wouldn’t be moving smoothly. Pond says he noticed they showed up in a much smaller moving van than they said they would. Blankets were in the back of the truck for moving but Pond and Majors both say they didn’t use them for the furniture. They didn’t use a dolly either. Majors says workers told her they “like to work with their hands.”

Ideally, Pond says they would have stopped them and moved on a different day, but they had to get their things out because the new family was moving in that afternoon.

“We started noticing damage happening, seeing things come off the truck, we started taking pictures,” Pond said.

Pond hired Anytime Moving back in December of 2020. They claimed to be licensed, insured, and an expert in their field. They found them on Craigslist and had photos of carefully packed moves. For their move, Pond says it was nothing like the pictures.

“When you hire professional movers, you expect them to have the experience, you expect them to have the materials, and you expect them to have the know how to treat your objects kindly,” Majors said.

Kindness is something Majors says her furniture and new home didn’t receive. The couple walked FOX4 through the damages around the house. There was visible damage to their stairs, an armoire that can no longer close, damage to their bedroom set, kids beds, and a dining table with a leg falling off.

“Our washing machine worked at the old house. It didn’t work here at all,” Majors said.

For three weeks, they tried to get Anytime Movers to come and fix the washing machine. Eventually, they spent $300 out of pocket to have it fixed themselves. Majors says she was having to take the whole family’s laundry over to her father’s house until they could get it fixed.

On the repair receipt for the washing machine the technician wrote, “Tech found both fill valves smashed into back of machine.”

For months, Pond called Anytime Movers and tried to get through to their staff that damages happened from the beginning. In listening to the calls, you can hear the manager and owner of the company at first admit there were damages, but over time they say it is hard to tell where the damage came from, and eventually tells Pond to take them to court.

“A week or 10 days or so my calls just stopped being answered. I would call and it would just ring. They were ducking us,” Pond said.

He says he created a new phone number to try and get ahold of someone. The phone rang and they answered right away, but continued with excuses.

Eventually, they gave up on Anytime Movers ever resolving the issue and reached out to FOX4. The manager of the moving company told FOX4 that Pond was never their client, that he was lying, and they never broke anything.

However, from the same phone number, Pond provided text messages from the day after the move saying they knew there were damages and they would fix it. They told Pond “we got you.”

“I just wish that they would follow through with what they said. That they would fix the wrong that they did,” Pond said.

“I know stuff happens, let’s just figure out a way to make things right,” Majors said.

The moving company refused to make a statement, but took Pond’s phone number to look into the issue themselves.

FOX4 could not find a business license for the company in either Missouri or Kansas. When speaking with the manager he could not provide an address for their business either. They told FOX4 their lawyer was aware of the issue even though they claimed there was no record of the service.

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