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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – What House Speaker Paul Ryan called a “set back” Friday afternoon was actually cause for celebration for a KCMO not-for-profit health clinic.

Sharon Lee, M.D. practices family medicine at Family Health Care off Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City. The clinic sees patients on a sliding scale – most of them don’t have insurance. She says President Donald Trump’s proposed healthcare reform would’ve set her patients back even farther.

Dr. Lee said, “This bill was full of situations in which it caused a lot of harm to many individuals. And so what we need is a bill that will actually help plug the holes that are there in Obamacare to make it a better situation for people, instead of worse.”

Dr. Lee was relieved House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the bill, but she said she knows the healthcare conversation is not closed.

“Whichever way they go, we’re in a better position not having this bill passed than if the bill had passed rapidly and caused so much havoc in the healthcare field,” said Dr. Lee.

Trump said if the bill didn’t pass Friday, Republicans will be “stuck with Obamacare.” He’s also said he’d move on to tax reform and other issues.