KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two Kansas City firefighters are in Pensacola, Florida, to help with Hurricane Idalia relief efforts.

They’re part of Missouri Task Force One, which is one of 28 federal urban search and rescue crews the U.S. operates.

KCFD Capt. Tyler Grosser said crews deploy to events like acts of terrorism and natural disasters like hurricanes.

“There’s rescue specialists and some logistic people, hazmat people, so it’s a wide array,” Grosser said. “We travel with all of our own doctors, engineers to make sure that the buildings are safe that we’re gonna go into to.”

There are 10 total firefighters from KCFD on Missouri Task Force One. More of them could be deployed if the impacted areas need more help. 

“That work could consist of a multitude of different things, but typically, searching neighborhoods and houses, you know building by building,” Grosser said.

“And then obviously affecting rescues if necessary, or doing water rescues with boats, we travel with boats, a multitude of boats.”

He said the firefighters will be deployed for two or three weeks.