Kansas City group finds potential safe location for sideshows, but still looking for city support


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Illegal sideshows have been an ongoing concern in Kansas City. But one group is trying to find a safe place for these tire-squealing events.

Desmound Logan said his organization Smoke Your Tires, Not Your Homies has been working to make safe spaces for sideshows a reality. From the start, he hasn’t had much luck.

“Right know we ain’t got no where [to go], so we don’t know,” Logan said.

On Monday, just one week after sideshows broke out near Union Station on Fourth of July weekend, Logan initiated a meeting with the Kansas City Police Department and the Scottish Rite Temple to host a community event that would hopefully lead to a safe space for sideshows.

The Scottish Rite Temple gave the green light on plans to open up a current vacant lot for the event, but Logan said there’s more to do.

“That’s the whole thing, making sure everybody is safe and having a good time because, otherwise, we could just watch it on the street,” he said.

Many have criticized Kansas City police for their response to recent sideshow events. During the meeting, multiple officers showed up to discuss the possibility of hosting events at the Scottish Rite Temple. Kansas City Police Maj. Scott Simons said he doesn’t know if the planned events will put an end to illegal sideshows, but there’s hope for the future.

“A change can always be made as long as people can work together and have a discussion,” Simons said.

Until then, Logan said he has the funds, the investors and the ideas to get the events off the ground, but there’s one thing he needs to ensure the event can come to fruition.

“Permits, that’s it. Permits,” he said. “Once we get a secured location, then the police can enforce their laws on their cars and all that, but right now you can’t really enforce a law if you don’t have somewhere for them to do it.”

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