KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Things were buzzing in one area of the metro Tuesday afternoon.

A woman parked her minivan near University Health at East 22nd Street and Holmes Street. When she returned, hundreds of bees had swarmed it.

Keith King, Director of Public Relations at University Health, shared video and pictures of the swarm and its removal.

King said a University Health employee is also a MO Hives board member. The employee called other members to help remove the hive.

The group carefully worked to locate the queen bee on the van, then moved the hive to a pickup truck and transported the swarm to MoHives location at East 50th Street and Wabash Avenue. 

Once the hive was removed, the owner was able to get into the van and drive away without any problems.

MO Hives works to add bee hives to vacant lots across the city. The bees then pollinate nearby gardens.