Kansas City has a starring role in yet another Christmas movie


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — While Christmas will likely look a little different this year, you won’t have to look far to see what Kansas City normally looks like during the holidays.

Just tune into the Lifetime cable channel on Christmas night when “My Sweet Holiday” premieres at 7 p.m. CST.

“Kansas City shows off well on-camera. It really does,” said Sandra Martin with Mapelle Films. “It’s a beautiful city, and it’s got a lot of variations. It doesn’t just look one way. You can move locations, and you get a whole different look.”

Martin and her husband, Isaac Alongi, have made five movies in the metro over the last few years.

“My Sweet Holiday” was filmed back in June, with most the romantic holiday tale centered around Annadore’s Chocolates at 50th Street and State Line Road in Westwood Hills, Kansas.

“Kansas City is amazing when the Country Club Plaza lights are lit and snow is falling,” Alongi said. “We were fortunate enough to take some footage last year when the lights were lit and the snow was falling on the Plaza, and we incorporated that into this movie.”

Both Martin and Alongi grew up in the area, and they relish giving their hometown the star treatment.

“It’s easy to go in and ask someone if we can film someplace when they know that we’re Kansas City locals,” Martin said.



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