Kansas City house fire claims one man’s life

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Firefighters found one man dead in a burning house on Tuesday afternoon at about 3:30. While the house does not look that bad from the front, a look up at the roof reveals how bad the blaze actually was.

Neighbors and a mail carrier who were in the area near 134th and Wornall smelled smoke and called 911 for help. By the time fire crews arrived, the fire was raging in the back of the home where firefighters believe the fire started.

Russell Short was one of those who called for help. He was out for a run, and when he turned the corner, he smelled smoke and ran over to see what was going on.

"When I went out back the fire from inside had blown the back windows out. As I looked into the house, I could see the flames definitely started inside the house, everything inside was black and on fire," the neighbor described.

Short says the flames and smoke were too much to even try to get inside the house and help the man. He grabbed a garden hose, but that was no match for the fire.

Anthony Kammerer, who lives next door, woke up to a phone call from a neighbor saying the next door house was on fire.

"I kind of sprinted out on my deck and there were flames this far from my face shooting out across," said Kammerer. "And so I come out and fire trucks were just arriving, you couldn't see anything on the street, it was just really smokey and the house was just putting off so much heat, it was just incredible."

Fire crews believe the fire started in the back of the house where most of the damage took place. The victim was found in a hallway towards the front of the home.

Investigators are working to determine what caused this deadly fire.



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