KANSAS CITY, Kan. — The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department held a community open house Wednesday at their East Patrol building.

It’s the first open house they’ve had since three of their officers were shot one week ago.

“It’s a tragic event, but we’re coping. We’re doing well,” Major Violeta Magee said in an interview with FOX4 Wednesday.

Magee helped put on Wednesday’s event. Officers grilled hotdogs for the community.

They could also sign five different banners that will be given to the officers who were hurt Wednesday, April 5 in a fentanyl bust. Three officers were shot. Two others were hit by shrapnel. Magee says the officers are recovering at home.

“It’s just a sad situation all around. It’s tragic,” Magee continued. “We don’t want anybody hurt. Fortunately, these things happen, but it’s just a tragic situation all around.”

One of the members who came to Wednesday’s event was Marlene Bouray of the group ‘Neighbors Who Care.’

“You know people think police are bad guys, they’re not, they’re not,” Bouray said in an interview with FOX4. “I know there’s an old stigma stating police are bad, but they’re really not. I just wish people would start… when they see something suspicious, please turn it, so we don’t have anyone else victimized.”

Bouray said she was very sad when she heard three officers were shot.

“We do have drugs in Kansas City, Kansas,” she said. “I’m sure there are drugs in every community that we have, and it’s just a dangerous thing, and we just pray, and we thank God that they’re OK.”

The shooting happened in the parking lot of Fast Fred’s Market. Several people were inside at the time, including at least juveniles.

“It was a very tragic situation,” Bouray continued. “Thank god it turned out the way it did.”

Across the state line, the Community Engagement Division of KCPD and Partners for Peace conducted a community canvass through neighborhoods in the southland by Sycamore Park.

The canvass was done “to help combat violent crime by building community relations,” according to KCPD Captain Corey Carlisle.

There are four other community open houses in the spring and summer for KCKPD. The next one takes place on Thursday, May 11 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at South Patrol, at 2200 Metropolitan Avenue.

In June, KCKPD’s holding an open house at the Tackling Conflict Together Youth Football Camp on Saturday, June 10 at Bishop Ward High School. It starts at 7:30 a.m.

Later that month, KCKPD will be holding more open houses. One will be at South Patrol again during the KCKPD Summer Youth Academy from June 12 through June 16.

No times have been given for that yet. The other open house will be at West Patrol during the same youth academy from June 24 through June 28, at 10011 N. 80th Terrace. No times have been given for that event yet either.