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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Clay County prosecutors charged a man with second-degree murder after witnesses said he stabbed his tenant more than 30 times because the victim complained about a heating issue.

According to court documents, 44-year-old Gordon McBeth showed up at his rental property on Oct. 22 to confront 28-year-old Darryl Gilland and his girlfriend. Court papers show the couple messaged McBeth because the heat in the home near 62nd Street and North Topping Avenue stopped working.

Gordon McBeth

Gilland’s girlfriend said McBeth became aggressive and started throwing things at her when he arrived at the house. Those same documents show that she told police McBeth pulled a large hunting-style knife, pointed it at Gilland, and verbally threatened the victim. That’s when the woman said McBeth started stabbing Gilland. She screamed and ran to a neighbor’s home.

Other neighbors heard her screams and ran to help. One of the neighbors said he found McBeth on top of Gilland with a knife. He pointed his gun at McBeth and ordered him onto the ground. Police said he held McBeth at gunpoint until officers arrived and arrested McBeth.

Gilland’s girlfriend and another neighbor tried to help the victim, according to court records, but the victim died before emergency responders arrived.

Investigators said they obtained surveillance video from one of the witnesses that supports at least part of what the witnesses said happened. The probable cause statement also said that officers determined that McBeth “viciously stabbed a man to death for no apparent reason.”

McBeth is scheduled to be arraigned Monday afternoon.