KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A walk through numerous Kansas City neighborhoods is a bit rough.

A long project to repair the city’s broken sidewalks is ending. On Thursday, Kansas City councilmembers unanimously approved roughly $3 million to improve sidewalks.

It’s the latest step in a program that’s been going since 2017, when voters approved the plan as part of the city’s General Obligation bonds.

Several neighborhoods in Kansas City have sidewalks that can’t be walked — not easily, at least.

City leaders report a large backlog of requests for help is nearly complete, and the lengthy sidewalk improvement project will finish two years ahead of schedule.

Pastor Janice Howlett, who helps operate In His Presence Ministries at 23rd and Olive, is excited by this plan.

The sidewalks down the street from her church and community food pantry are buckled in some portions, ruined by roots from a large tree. This makes the walk to church services difficult for some.

“When you’ve got young kids coming from school and they have to walk in the grass to keep from falling and tripping, it’s pretty bad,” Howlett said. “We have seniors in wheelchairs. Some of them are on walkers.”

Fifth District City Councilmember Ryana Parks-Shaw said public works crews are now prioritizing sidewalks with immediate needs. Up until now, according to Parks-Shaw, most of the work has involved sidewalk concerns voiced to the city’s 311 service.

“Having a nice sidewalk will give you access to a healthy lifestyle where kids can go out and play and run on the sidewalks. Individuals can walk their dogs,” Parks-Shaw said.

More information about Kansas City’s ongoing sidewalks improvement efforts can be located here.