KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Kansas City metro is gearing up for its first presidential visit in three years.

On Wednesday morning, President Joe Biden is expected to make a stop in Kansas City, Missouri to promote his infrastructure package. Biden’s visit comes as poll numbers continue to sag, and his social and climate package remains stalled.

Biden is scheduled to speak at Kansas City Area Transportation Authority’s headquarters just east of downtown. Tens of thousands of people ride Kansas City’s public transportation system every day. When Biden meets with city leaders on Wednesday, they’ll discuss potential upgrades to KCATA buses.

Mayor Quinton Lucas is among those who consider those big wheels to be vital to the local economy.

“Our goal here in Kansas City is to make sure anyone anywhere in our region can get from one part of the city or region to another,” Lucas told FOX4.

Lucas explained that by providing affordable transportation to work for the metro’s workers, it stimulates the economy. KCATA’s buses began offering zero-fare transportation in 2015.

Leaders at KCATA hope to gradually replace existing diesel-powered buses with environmentally-friendly electric buses. Many Kansas City municipal vehicles are already powered by electricity.

“What we can do is start, as a city, where we’re buying these big rigs and others. In Kansas City government, we’re trying to switch to electric. We’re doing more of that to make sure we’re leading on green energy and clean energy to make sure we’re ready for a city of the future,” Lucas said.

Leaders at KCATA hope to continue zero-fare rides, and perhaps, benefit from potential grant money that would help support that program. Robbie Makinen, Ride KC’s CEO, said his agency wants to take a bold step toward green initiatives.

“It’s better for people in this community to not have exhaust and carbon emissions and that kind of thing. Getting our bus fleet to zero emissions with zero fare with a safety program is exactly the right way to go,” Makinen said.

KCATA buses offer an estimated 30-to-40,000 rides per day. Makinen said he’d like to replace the existing buses with electric models a few at a time.

Lucas said he also plans to talk with Biden about other infrastructure topics, including the “digital divide,’ and new methods of making internet access available in more low-income homes.