KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City, Missouri man was found guilty Friday evening in the 2017 murder who shot and killed a 36-year-old woman inside a home.

John A. Frazier was found guilty of murder and armed criminal action charges.

Court records say witnesses told police Tamara Randolph went to a home in the 3700 block of Woodland to get her two children.

Police responded to a ShotSpotter call and found Randolph on the ground, she was declared dead on the scene. Frazier was arrested at the home.

According to court records, police found a note on one of the home’s doors where Randolph asked Frazier to let her have the kids back. Video surveillance showed her arriving at the residence and knocking on the door. Frazier later arrived at the home and appeared to be holding a gun.  

Moments before ShotSpotter recorded seven sounds of shots, the video recording ended. A relative of Randolph said Frazier pulled a gun on her. After a witness heard Randolph yell her kids’ names, she heard a struggle, then nothing.