Kansas City man petitions to remedy ‘Curse of the Shuttlecocks’

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – One man has started a petition attempting to remedy what he is calling a curse, which some blame for Kansas City, Mo.’s recent history of sports failures.

Jake Dyer, 20, of Kansas City, Mo., said that he has been a Kansas City Chiefs and Royals fan his entire life. After a baffling loss to the Indianapolis Colts, where the Chiefs gave up a 28-point-lead in the final quarter of their first playoff game since 2010, Dyer started to seriously believe a theory he had previously heard about a supposed curse.

"We gave up a four touchdown lead in one half. I'm like well, that could be one thing that could explain it,” said Dyer who tried to make sense of the devastating loss. "I thought it was a cool idea. It could hold some value, but never really focused on it until right after the Chiefs game."

So he began an online petition on the website Change.org, urging all fans of the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs to support what he believes would be a remedy for something he refers to as the “Curse of the Shuttlecocks.”

In the petition, Dyer requested that the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art along with Kansas City Mayor Sly James take down the staple Shuttlecocks sculptures located outside the museum, because he believes they are cursed.

Dyer claimed the “curse” started when the Shuttlecocks were placed outside the museum back in 1994. He claimed that was the same year the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals began their losing plights. He said that in the years leading up to the sculptures’ placement, both teams had been much more successful. He also credits the success of Sporting Kansas City on the fact that they play on the Kansas side and not in Missouri like the other two franchises do.

Jan Schall, the Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Nelson-Atkins Museum, said there is no connection between the city’s beloved Shuttlecocks statues and the two teams’ losses, and having them removed is not a feasible option.

"They speak to who we are. Fresh, open minded, energetic, ready to go and ready to play," Schall said about the four contemporary art pieces.

Schall said the Shuttlecocks are actually a sports metaphor and aids in representing Kansas City’s love of sports; the museum represents a net, while the strategic placements of the statues represent different phases of the sport. One is caught in the “net,” one makes it over to the other side, and the other two remain on the opposite side, all in various positions of play.

Toby Cook, who works for the Kansas City Royals, said Dyer’s theory doesn’t hold up as an excuse for their team’s history of successes or lack thereof

"Admittedly we haven't been to the playoffs since 1985, so my first thought was, I'm trying to figure out how to account for 1986-1994," said Cook.

Cook said his organization thinks the statues are great.

"It would almost seem naked without the Shuttlecocks,” Cook said about the museum. “We're going to win a playoff game sooner rather than later, and we hope they're at the Nelson for a long time."

Cook said the team is hoping to build on last season.

"If we started blaming our wins and losses on the Shuttlecocks, we'd be in real trouble," said Cook.

CLICK HERE to read Dyer's petition.



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