Kansas City man rescues pit bull found shot in head on Raytown Road

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City man is searching for answers after he found a female pit bull shot in the head Tuesday night.

The dog was found near Raytown Road and Longview Road.

“I could tell by her temperament something was wrong. I’ve been around dogs most of my life, and when we got her into the car, we realized she was bleeding,” Jerod George said. “We couldn’t tell where, but it was coming out.”

George and his wife said they were in the right place at the right time. If they had been any earlier they might have missed the pup, any later, it might not have survived.

If you ask George, he’d say he was just doing what was right, but the knack for rescuing animals is seemingly in his blood.

“I’ve rescued my old dog Max, 12 years ago, or 13 years ago. Last summer a Boston Terrier in Oklahoma and now this one,” George said.

After rushing the small pit to an emergency vet, George said he would learn the dog was shot in the head. The bullet tearing through the dog’s muscle and bone and exiting near the jaw.

Tori Fugate, chief communications officer for the KC Pet Project said sadly, these kinds of this situations happen more than you would think.

“We see a lot of animals that may still have the bullet lodged in and it has to be surgically removed. We see a lot of through and through, as well. That’s where the the bullet has passed through. We also see a lot of animals that come in, when we do x-rays to see if there are any outlying injuries, and there is a bullet still in their body,” Fugate said.

Fugate said at least four to five dogs out of an estimated 30 per week come to their shelter with severe injuries.

While not every situation ends with a happy ending, the pit found Tuesday night is expected to be OK.

After being treated by a local vet, the dog is now at a KC Pet Project facility awaiting adoption.

The penalty for this kind of offense is considered a felony and can result in a fine of up to 1,000 dollars or sentence of up to five years in prison.

Anytime you see an animal that has been injured, call your local Animal Control. For Kansas City, that number is 3-1-1.

You can also drop off any animal at KC Pet Project.

There is a $20 drop-off  fee.

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