KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City man is sentenced to 18 years in prison for stabbing his girlfriend inside a Walmart Supercenter.

A judge sentenced 26-year-old Brian S. LeNoble to 15 years for first-degree domestic assault and three years for armed criminal action. The sentences will run consecutively.

LeNoble attacked the victim on December 31, 2018, as she worked inside the store’s automotive center located at Interstate 70 and East US Hwy 40.

The probable cause statement shows LeNoble and the victim got into a fight. The document shows LeNoble told detectives he picked up a knife from a Walmart shelf and planned to slash the victim’s tires.

He walked to the automotive area and said he decided to stab her instead, according to the probable cause statement. He then told detectives he would have stabbed the victim again if the knife hadn’t broken.

An off-duty officer at Walmart at the time of the attack responded to the automotive area. After locating the victim, he followed LeNoble into the parking lot and arrested him.

Court documents show LeNoble still had the handle of the broken knife in his hand at the time of the arrest. He also told detectives he was high at the time of the attack.