KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Jackson County judge sentenced a Kansas City man to 15 years in prison for domestic assault and other crimes.

A jury convicted Michael D. King, 57, of seven charges including conspiracy to commit assault, tampering with a victim, domestic assault , harassment, and violating a protection order.

According to court records, King assaulted his wife in March 2019, when he grabbed her by the neck. She filed a police report and was granted a protection order the next month.

Court documents show King immediately violated the protection order. Police also responded to the house where the victim lived multiple times.

King also sent his wife threatening messages, including saying he was going to kill her and her family, according to prosecutors.

Evidence presented at trial showed that following King’s arrest, he recruited another inmate at the Jackson County jail to kill his wife. Court documents show King even gave the inmate information about his wife’s schedule and a description of her car.