KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A federal judge sentenced a metro man to more than 12 years in prison for his role in an armed robbery and shootout with police.

Samuel M. David, 20, pleaded guilty to one count of robbery and one count of using a firearm during a crime in August 2022.

David’s sister, Rochelle, is already serving a 14-year sentence for her role in the same crime.

Prosecutors said the crime started in October 2020 when the two siblings and Ennice Ross decided to order a pizza. Rochelle placed the order and the three used the delivery to lure the driver to her Kansas City apartment.

When the driver arrived, Samuel David and Ross confronted him in the parking lot. According to court documents, Ross showed the driver he had a gun in his waistband and they demanded money.

Samuel David went through the driver’s pockets, taking a wallet and knife from him. They also took $100 in cash from the driver’s vehicle. When that wasn’t enough, prosecutors said the three thieves ordered the delivery driver to take them to an ATM to withdraw more money.

Samuel David tried to use the driver’s ATM card, but court documents show the withdrawal didn’t go through.

Prosecutors alleged Samuel David ordered the victim to drive them to the Gladstone home where he lived with his parents.

When they arrived, the paperwork shows Ross stayed with the driver’s parents while Samuel David walked the driver to his room. The driver opened a safe and handed him cash.

Police caught up with the Davids and Ross several days later.

Detectives wanted to talk to Rochelle David in connection with the unrelated homicide of a homeless man.

Officers spotted David’s car as they left her apartment. Court documents show Ross started shooting at the officers. The officers returned fire, killing Ross.