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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Disagreements and accusations between adults are getting in the way to an important activity that’s been a positive influence in Kansas City for decades.

The Kansas City Marching Cobras tell FOX4 the drums donated by the FOX4 Love Fund Band of Angels in 2019 are missing. Some of the group’s leaders think former Drum Master Don Daughtry has them.

“The original Marching Cobras are without drums,” said Board Member Pat Clarke.

Clarke says all the work that goes into preparing for performances is happening now on just a few drums, borrowed from somewhere else, that still aren’t enough to provide a drum for each member of the drill team.

“This drill team was equipped with everything they needed,” Clarke said.

Clarke wouldn’t name names, but other board members tell FOX4 they think former Drum Master Don Daughtry took the drums when he split with the group in March.

“I do not know where these drums is at,” Daughtry told FOX4. “For them to say that I do, it’s discrediting what I ever did with the Cobras because I’ve been with them so long.”

Daughtry claims he left them in a storage unit and that the next time he checked on them, the drums were gone, and he thinks the Cobras have them. The Cobras say they don’t, and they filed a police report in April.

Kansas City Police tell FOX4 the case is inactive while they try to get back in touch with the person who filed the report.

“At this point, somebody made a bad decision, and the kids are paying for it,” Clarke said.

“At the end of the day, Don Daughtry does not have any drums and I just want to let that be known,” said Daughtry.

While adults point fingers in both directions, both Daughtry and the Cobras agree that the drill team has an invaluable impact on the kids lucky enough to be part of it.

“There are a lot of people out here in the community that have been in the Cobras,” Daughtry said. “That’s doctors, lawyers, preachers, everybody out here, most of them came from the Cobras.”

“Our kids over here are suffering and it’s just not right so we’re putting out a plea to ask whoever has these drums to please return them,” Clarke said.

If you know where the drums might be, you can reach the Kansas City Marching Cobras at (816) 833-9311 or