Kansas City Missouri School District Moves to Reopen Middle Schools

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Missouri School District says that they are set to bring back their middle schools, saying that combining middle school and high school students under one roof simply isn’t working.

The district combined middle schools and high schools in 2010 under then-Superintendent John Covington, the rationale being that enrollment was down and the district’s buildings weren’t being fully utilized.

But teachers and parents say that the move, which brought grades 7-12 together in the same buildings, has led to serious behavior problems.

The Kansas City Missouri School Board recently approved contracts that would begin work to reactivate the middle schools located next to Paseo, Lincoln Prep and Northeast high schools. The district says that they plan on getting parental input on the middle school plan before it would be formally approved.

District officials say that any major building moves for middle schoolers wouldn’t happen before the 2014 school year.



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