KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City mother is calling for action after her 5-year-old was hit by a car. She blames the street design.

Amira has a broken leg and fractured jaw. Mom Kaite McDonald said her daughter is strong and recovering well, but wants the street where her daughter was badly hurt to see a facelift in the name of safety.

“Somebody was going to end up getting hit and unfortunately it was my daughter,” McDonald said.

She believes Armour Boulevard is unsafe. McDonald said drivers can’t see pedestrians and people walking can’t see cars until it’s too late. She also said it’s hard for cars pulling onto Armour to see cyclists and other traffic.

There’s a bike lane separating the sidewalk and the place where cars can park.

“It’s horrible and there’s been three or four wrecks just in the past month,” McDonald said. “So it’s happening a lot.”

Just after 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, McDonald and her three kids were headed to school. They crossed the street in front of an apartment building to where their car was parked.

McDonald had her 1-year-old in a carrier and her 3-year-old on the other side, holding hands with Amira.

“I was like hurry let’s go because you can’t see when you’re trying to cross the street, like you’ve got to step directly into traffic,” McDonald said. “So we’re going and she rushes and the car hits her.”

Amira has a broken leg, fractured jaw and her teeth went through her lip.

“It’s horrible,” McDonald said.

“My kids have come home more times than I can count, wow I had a really close call,” Crissy Dastrup said. “‘I almost got hit.'”

Dastrup said her 11-year-old saw Amira get hit. They called 911 and ran to get help.

Neighbors want to see a change. Ryan Yowell said he’s seen close calls between cars, pedestrians and cyclists at the crosswalk. He’d like to see more signage.

“There needs to be something more for drivers to see, more visibility that they need to stop,” Yowell said, “because you’re just relying on their willingness to, which isn’t always the case. Some are in a hurry; some are going too fast. “

Councilman Eric Bunch wishes Amira a quick recovery and said he supports multimodal transportation.

He also said in a statement to FOX4, “We are actively looking into the design of this street with our staff and will review that in conjunction with crash data from KCPD for this area.”

Working for you, we asked KCPD about the crash data, they’re working on retrieving it.

“Something has to be done,” McDonald said, “or somebody else is going to get hit or somebody’s going to get killed.”

McDonald said Amira will be using a wheelchair and a walker for the next six weeks. She’s got a long road to recovery and will be in physical therapy.

They hope to be out of the hospital Friday.