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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City mom did CPR on her 18-month-old son while trying to call 911 at the same time. Amid the terrifying moment, she revived her toddler.

Her son Aavion is still recovering at Children’s Mercy Hospital, but she still remembers looking down at the boy as he struggled to breathe. Without hesitation, she started CPR, and the only thing on her mind was doing everything she could to not lose her child.

“His lips are like purple. Like he’s losing his life. He’s struggling to breathe,” said Kylee Vaughn, Aavion’s mother. “And so immediately I start doing CPR. And as I’m doing CPR, I’m still like trying to call 911.”

It’s something Vaughn never thought she would have to do for her usually happy boy.

“He’s just so sweet, and so he’s cuddly. He learned how to give high fives. He’s just he just keeps pushing through,” said Montana Vaughn, Aavion’s aunt.

Aavion was born with lung disease and has lived with a trach since he was born. That obstacle didn’t change his spirit.

“He’s just a happy baby. He’s always happy, like, even with a trach,” his mom said.

Just over a week ago, the very life he lived could have been snatched away if not for his mom.

“I’m thinking I’m losing my kid, like I’m thinking, ‘This is it, like there’s no coming back from this,'” Kylee Vaughn said. “And I’m like terrified. I’m shaking, I’m bawling.”

Mucous stuck in his trach caused Aavion to lose air flow. He stopped breathing.

His mom called 911, talking to dispatchers while her hands moved up and down, doing everything she could not to lose her son.

“It was pretty traumatic. It was seeing your son lifeless in your front living room,” she said.

Doctors credit her quick actions for her son still being here fighting. Three minutes after the 911 call, EMTs arrived and took over. Aavion went in and out of consciousness for the next 17 minutes, but he survived.

“I feel like I just had to do what I had to do — and I did that,” Kylee Vaughn said.

Her sister knows just how amazing it all was.

“I mean, it’s incredible. It’s amazing. And him coming back is truly amazing,” Montana Vaughn said.

Right now Aavion is still at Children’s Mercy dealing with swelling in his brain from the lack of oxygen. His mom is confident her little boy will pull through. If you would like to help this family, a GoFundMe has been set up.