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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — “They`re in the walls. It is just creepy,” Tonya Bell told FOX 4 Monday after finding her eight  snakes in her home in just five days.

She called FOX 4 Problem Solvers when she didn’t get the answers she wanted from her landlord about her deposit when she said she wanted to move herself and her children out.

“They told me no to everything, not until this morning when they seen it on the news and the attorney got a hold of them was they calling me,” Bell said.

After the story aired, Bell says the property manager and owner agreed if they find she didn’t do any damages they’ll refund her entire $600 deposit. They originally said she’d lose $500 if she moved out early.

Bell credits an attorney who reached out to FOX 4 after seeing Bell’s story.

“He was like I’m going to go after your deposit for you because I saw your story and it was unfair,” Bell recalled of her conversation with the attorney.

Dozens of others reached out to her offering financial assistance.

“Wow, I’ve talked to people from Seattle, from California, all parts of the state,” Bell said.

Thanks to viewers generosity, Bell says she’ll be able to move herself and her children into a hotel while she waits for property managers to do an inspection before returning her deposit.

“It’s so many people that has done donated I can not remember everybody’s name, but I love all of y’all. I promise you came through for me and my family and I’m never never going to forget it, and it will never be unnoticed that y’all helped me the way y’all did,” Bell said.

A previous tenant who moved out a year ago said she had all the same snake, mouse and plumbing problems as Bell.

A property manager said the home was purchased “as is” right before Bell moved in, and they had no idea there were issues until now. She added they collectively came to the decision, not because of media exposure, or the attorney’s phone call, but instead because they decided it was the fair thing to do.