KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City mom wants justice after her son was gunned down last week.

Darrell Weldon was shot to death in front of his home.

“He knew the guy was coming, and he sat outside and waited for him because his younger siblings were inside the house,” Arnita Logan, Weldon’s mom, said.

Weldon is known as a hero to his family.

“At this point, I just wish he wasn’t so much of a protector because he wouldn’t have been outside,” Logan said.

Weldon’s mom said he died doing something he knew was important.

“It’s just a tragedy for us because he didn’t mess with nobody as long as they didn’t mess with him, so this is just unbelievable,” Logan said.

Someone gunned down the 17-year-old outside his home, days after his birthday.

“There’s no coming back from this,” Logan said. “My baby’s gone.”

Court records said the suspected shooter called Logan an hour before the shooting. Logan said the suspect was looking for her cousin, who hadn’t been at the home for a while.

When Logan called her cousin, the woman said the suspect threatened to shoot up their home. Logan was on the phone with her daughter when it happened.

“I was basically like asking her where she was, and she was just like ‘We’re in your room,’ and then we heard the gunshots,” said Logan.

Instead of focusing on how they lost Weldon, his family wants to remember the life he lived.

“I work 12-hour shifts at Children’s Mercy,” Logan said. “I don’t get home ’til after 8 o’clock, so by the time I got home, his baby sister was bathed, ate. He had cooked dinner or helped the girls cook dinner. He made sure she had her homework done, she read her book for the day.”