KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City mother, charged in the death of one child, and neglecting another, is scheduled to be arraigned on the crimes next month.

A judge scheduled a Feb. 21 hearing for Adair Fish to formally hear the charges against her.

Fish has been in police custody since her arrest in December.

According to court records, Kansas City police were dispatched to an apartment near St. John Avenue and Lawndale Avenue on Nov. 3 after Fish called 911.

Officers found one child dead and another non-responsive.

Investigators said the apartment was cluttered with trash, debris, old food and other items. The dead 4-year-old was found among the debris.

FOX4 has learned Fish’s daughters were twins. KCPD said the surviving twin is now safe.

Police previously said eight months before Fish called emergency responders in November, they were sent to conduct a welfare check at the 43-year-old’s apartment.

According to the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, Fish was the legal guardian of the children and had care, custody and control of their health and wellbeing.