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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — People continue to be creative with how they celebrate birthday parties in the middle of a pandemic.

“We were trying to get 100 cars and 100 good wishes,” Ginger Stewart-Lyons, Kenneth Stewart Sr.’s daughter said.

The goal wasn’t hard for Kenneth Stewart Sr., who is a World War II veteran, and his family.

Car after car, picture after picture, people lined the streets of their Kansas City neighborhood to wish Stewart a happy 100th birthday.

“God is good,” Stewart Sr. said.

It wasn’t the birthday party that was planned a year ago, but Stewart’s daughter, Ginger, said the love was still felt each time a car drove by.

“We planned a Black-tie affair last year for this year and because of covid we couldn’t do it,” Stewart-Lyons said.

“It’s a blessing for my age,” said Stewart Sr. “Thank God and all I can say is God is good.”

Stewart’s kids said it was also a way to remember the legacy he started.

Stewart Sr. came to America from Jamaica as an immigrant and was recruited for World War II.

“For this many people to show up just to say ‘Happy Birthday’ is such an awesome time for us as a family,” Vernal Stewart, Kenneth Stewart Sr.’s son said.

The family hopes next year they can celebrate again in a different way.