KANSAS CITY, Mo. — There are renewed concerns in Kansas City’s Waldo neighborhood about a man neighbors say is firing BB’s at their pets.

It’s a follow up to a story FOX4 first brought to you more than a year ago. Though he insists he’s only firing at animals in his yard, police say what the 91-year-old is doing is illegal.

“All I do is keep the animals out. I’ll tell you, kid, if I wanted to kill something, I’d use this son of a b**** – that’s a 357 magnum,” said Chuck Davis, the neighbor firing the BB gun.

Neighbors allege Davis fires his BB gun at animals throughout the neighborhood, even one hitting a dog. Unprompted, while FOX4 was interviewing Davis, he showed us exactly what he does.

“Just listen, it makes a racket on that d*** thing,” Davis said.

He not only fired the gun twice, but directly into his neighbors’ yards.

FOX4 asked him if he was concerned about the BB’s landing in his neighbors lawn, and Davis said, “No I am not because I know it won’t go.”

“It’s concerning whenever I see someone shoot a weapon of any kind in an area that normally has lots of children. They need to take action. If you let one do it, then you let another, then another and another and pretty soon you have no laws,” Ann Green, one of Davis’s neighbors, said.

Despite calls from his neighbors to stop and even a visit by the Kansas City Police Department’s community engagement team, Davis is more than defiant. He has zero plans to stop what he’s doing.

“Tell them to come up here, and I’ll show them exactly what I’m doing. I’m not shooting at anybody’s house, anybody’s dog or anything else except my yard, that fence there and that target I got there,” he said.

To be clear, what he’s doing by firing in neighbors’ yards, even hitting one of his neighbors’ dogs, is illegal.

FOX4 reached out to the KCPD again to see if they had any plans on intervening. We are still waiting to hear back.