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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Dane Plummer has literally traveled the world on his beloved 1981 BMW motorcycle.

“With some friends, we rode as far as Panama down south over a few weeks period,” Plummer told FOX4. “And then I took it all the way to the Arctic Ocean on the north shore of Alaska, so I’m fairly attached to it.”

That’s why Plummer’s blood boiled when someone in a black Ford F-250 pickup truck brazenly stole the bike in broad daylight on Monday afternoon.

“I got a call from the neighbor who lives just behind me and he says, ‘Dane somebody’s stealing your motorcycle!’ So I ran out and it was gone already.”

Even more striking, the theft happened at the fairly busy intersection of West 47th and Wyoming Street in the city’s West Plaza neighborhood.

“It was just parked right here,” Plummer said, pointing to his driveway. “They even had traffic backed-up because they were pulled in with the trailer and the steering (on the bike) was locked. So it was difficult for them to just roll it in and they put it into the trailer and took off.”

Anyone who recognizes the pickup used in the theft, or anyone who has information about the crime, is urged to call the Kansas City Police Department.