KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Tuesday, more Kansas City nonprofits got some help while the NFL Draft picks up and leaves town.

Rightfully Sewn got some of the fabric and banners from the NFL Draft that would otherwise have been thrown out to help local residents learn a new skill.

The nonprofit helps train people to become seamstresses, teaching them a skill that can result in employment or lay the groundwork to start their own businesses.

That’s what drew Courtney Babcock to the organization when he wanted to change his graphic design career.

“Helping other people of any sex, age, religion and I think for me that was very important as a pivoting step to look towards something new in my life,” Babcock said. “This academy has taught me so much in a 10–12-week program. I’m making full garments and outfits.”

The donation is part of the NFL Green program which helps recycle food and materials from big events like the NFL Draft.

It also solves a problem for Rightfully Sewn President and Executive Director Tyler Bennett.

“This does a couple things,” said Bennett. “Number one, it keeps us from having to buy additional material or scrap and it keeps the material that might otherwise be heading for a landfill, and it puts it to practical use,” Bennett said. “We’re going to use it with our students in our Seamstress Training Academy so they can use it to practice cutting, sewing, designing materials and putting it into production.”

Since the material is different from what they’d normally be able to buy or receive through donations, it gives his students a unique chance to work with something different.