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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Jackson County prosecutors are reviewing an “unauthorized” database search of Mayor Quinton Lucas conducted by a Kansas City police officer.

Officer Donna Drake, spokesperson for Kansas City Police Department, confirmed the department learned that in May a patrol officer conducted an unauthorized computer check of Lucas. The department did not identify the officer or say what the officer was searching for in regard to the mayor.

An email obtained by FOX4 shows the prosecutor’s office told Lucas the officer searched through the criminal justice information system, or CJIS, which can be used to check criminal history and other information.

KCPD policy states using CJIS for personal use is prohibited and “careless or unethical use of such data represents unprofessional conduct that may result in disciplinary action and/or legal sanctions.”

Another officer reported the potential violation, Drake said, and the department conducted an investigation.

Now that KCPD’s investigation is complete, the case has been handed over to the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office. Mike Mansur, spokesman for the prosecutor’s office, confirmed Friday they are reviewing for possible charges. He declined to comment any further.

FOX4 reached out to the mayor’s office, and Lucas issued the following statement:

“I am disappointed to learn that a Kansas City police officer has conducted unwarranted and unlawful searching of myself and my family’s personal information through official criminal justice databases. I learned of the unlawful search from the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, who informed me I was a victim of an illegal CJIS search several months ago and the office is conducting an investigation. 

“I am a father and a husband and I have expressed to department leadership my grave concern with this inappropriate conduct. Having received threats during my term and having recently spent a night standing outside my home with my wife and baby while Kansas City firefighters checked out an explosion threat that had been called into our home, there is real fear and concern these threats create for those around me.

I trust the department with my family’s security, and I know the vast majority of our officers go out and do good work each day. I hope the department makes clear this misconduct falls well below the standards of anyone affiliated with the Kansas City Police Department. I thank the officer who reported this information to his or her superiors for reporting the issue and upholding the department’s standards.”