KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A long line of people waited in the rain Tuesday for help to make ends meet.

Mercy and Truth Medical Mission gave away food, cleaning supplies, and hygiene kits at its headquarters.

Mercy and Truth Medical Mission teamed up with Church of the Resurrection, Pharmacy of Grace, Heart to Heart International, Charlie’s House and Wyandotte Angels to help 75 families Tuesday.

Organizers said people started lining up long before the event began to make sure they were able to get the supplies.

The groups say they hold events like this one because the need in Wyandotte County continues to grow.

“14% of people in Wyandotte County are food insecure and those people were lining up in the rain at 8:30 this morning,” Anne Rauth, Mercy and Truth Medical Missions, said.

This is the first event of its kind for Mercy and Truth.

The group also works to provide healthcare to the underserved and uninsured in Kansas City and around the world.

Mercy and Truth also has volunteer positions open. Those interested can find more information on the organization’s website at MercyandTruth.com.