KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City officer who went back to work after he was shot in the line of duty three years ago is now celebrating another accomplishment.

On July 2, 2020, Officer Tyler Moss responded to a call about an armed man, and it almost cost him his life.

The gunman shot Moss in the head, leaving him with a traumatic brain injury. But he survived and eventually went back to work. Now he’s moving on to a new adventure.

On Monday, Moss’ friends, family and coworkers showed up to celebrate not only his retirement but also his entire career.

“It is my honor and privilege to advise that you are 10-42,” a police dispatcher called over the radio Monday. It was the last official radio call for Moss, signaling the end of his duty as a Kansas City patrol officer.

“From your first day of saving a life, to your heroic actions on July the 2nd … you have been an inspiration to so many of us even to this day,” KCPD Chief Stacey Graves said.

At the time of the shooting, doctors gave Moss a 3.5% chance of survival and less than 1% chance of being able to fully function.

Doctors said the quick response from fellow officers gave Moss a second chance at life. It’s an act Moss said he’ll forever be grateful for.

“I hope I have been able to inspire at least one person in this room today,” Moss said Monday. “I will say never give up in life. Life is hard. It’s not supposed to be easy. Treat others with respect. Go out and serve your community, and do not take life or this job for granted.”

His entire family attended Monday’s ceremony, along with friends an coworkers who all shared special memories and stories of the impact his service has made.

“You showed up and you went towards danger, and you have given our police department, our community, and everyone around something to rally behind, something to pray for, and an example of not letting circumstances define you,” KCPD Sgt. Jake Becchina said.

Although Moss is retiring, he’ll still be with the Kansas City Police Department. He’s just moving to a new role, working in the property and evidence department.