KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Police Department says a review determined a former attorney’s allegations about department practices are false.

Ryan McCarty, a former associate general counsel for KCPD, released a scathing letter to public last winter, calling for former Interim Chief Joseph Mabin to be fired.

McCarty worked for the department for about six months before he said Mabin fired him. In an eight-page exit letter, McCarty made multiple allegations of hostile work environment, retaliation, records violations, corruption and more.

In a statement released Monday, the department said McCarty released “privileged and sensitive information” in violation of this ethical duties.

One of those allegations was that the department, specifically his supervisor, General Counsel Holly Dodge, improperly handled Brady and Giglio requests, which relate to evidence provided to prosecutors for cases.

He said Dodge collects all the documents related to a request, then allegedly makes her own decision on what she thinks should be sent to prosecutors. McCarty noted the prosecutor should make that decision.

McCarty said Dodge is also abusing Missouri’s open records laws. He alleges she is “consistently, systematically, and unlawfully closing records that should be open, thereby denying the public access to what it is entitled under the law.”

In its new statement, the Kansas City Police Department said it engaged outside counsel to review McCarty’s allegations, including those about Brady and Giglio material.

“It is now clear that the former employee’s allegations are not accurate,” KCPD said Monday. “The allegations … are based on incomplete facts and misconstrue the KCPD’s practices.”

Despite McCarty’s calls for Mabin to resign or be terminated, he has since returned to his deputy chief position after KCPD appointed Stacey Graves as the new chief.